Blue Sky Network - ACH1000 Advanced Control Head


The ACH1000 Advanced Control Head is an optional upgrade for the Blue Sky D1000A and Blue Sky D1000C tracking modems. When connected to these devices, it enables voice and text communication over the Iridium network. The ACH1000 also provides pin-outs for connection to aircraft intercom systems, which the crew use for in-flight voice communication. Using the speed dial or free dial features, calls can be placed with the push of a button. Users can also indicate special events using pre-programmed or custom short codes, receive and acknowledge a text message, and create simple flight plans that can be sent to our SkyRouter portal.


Intercom Integration

The ACH1000 Control Head integrates with the on-board intercom system, allowing the pilot or co-pilot to easily dial or receive calls directly through their headset. Users can pre-program up to 10 speed dial numbers that can be configured remotely through SkyRouter, our asset management Web portal. The solution also enables free number dialing if configured by the system administrator via the device setup profile.

Short Code and Email Messages

The ACH1000 enables the flight crew to send custom short code messages such as take-off/landing, delay, diverting route, and request weather. These short codes can be programmed remotely through SkyRouter. The crew can also receive email messages, easily reading and acknowledging a message from the device’s LCD display.

Quick Position/Mayday Alerting

With the simple push of a mayday button located on the ACH1000 display, a message is quickly sent to SkyRouter, key email addresses and mobile phones. This important feature has saved lives.

Flight Planning

A flight plan can be filed from the ACH1000. With this convenient feature, flight crew can send information such as ETE, people on board, fuel, duration, cruising altitude and departure time. Flight managers and dispatch can view this information through SkyRouter and use the data to efficiently manage daily fleet activity.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Intercom Integrated Global Voice Communication
  • “Quick Position” Mayday Alert Button Integrated with SkyRouter Display and Email/SMS Alert Messaging
  • Completely Configurable Including Speed Dial Numbers and Flight Plan Setup
  • Pre-programmed Short Code Messaging
  • Easy Flight Plan Entry for Quick Reporting of POB, ORG, DEST, ETE, and More
  • All Settings Can be Remotely Managed from User’s Web-based SkyRouter Account
  • Global Iridium Voice Calls via D1000A or D1000C Terminal
  • FAA Certified


  • Power: 17-33 VDC Input
  • Nominal Current: 0.5A Continuous, >1A Peak at 28 VDC
  • Temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Display: Two-line LCD Display
  • Signal Strength Indication, Message Waiting, Incoming Call and Menu Structure
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.625 in. x 5.0 in. x 5.0 in.
  • Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Connectors: DB25 Connector for Connection to D1000-series Product and On-board Intercom
  • DB9 Connector for Power
  • Wiring for External Call and Message Alerts