Beam - Iridium Extreme® PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Privacy Handset Kit (PTTGNG-P)


The Beam Iridium Extreme Push-To-Talk Grab ‘N’ Go Privacy handset kit is an alternative solution that has the ability to receive audio via push of a button to the iridium PTT Extreme device when paired with the Beam DriveDOCK.

Technical Specifications & Features

• Durable speaker and mic handset
• Enhanced clear audio
• Talk in or out of the vehicle
• Intuitive design, all in-built to a durable easy to carry case
• Optional UPS battery kit
• Integrated Iridium and GPS Antenna

Iridium Extreme PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Privacy + UPS Handset Kit – PTTGNG-PB

For specifications, visit Beam’s website.