Beam DriveDOCK Extreme PTT Wireless Bundle


The DriveDOCK Extreme Wireless PTT Bundle is a high quality transport installation using the Iridium Extreme® PTT service. This combination extends the power of the Extreme PTT Device to the palm of your hand, whether in or out of a vehicle.

Technical Specifications & Features

• Durable and reliable mic/speaker handset
• IP55 weatherproof compliance, built vibration and drop resistant
• Enhanced clear audio quality
• Compatible with existing BEAM DriveDOCK Extreme
• Supports BOTH Phone and PTT modes of the Iridium Network
• Ability to amplify PTT audio to external cabin loudspeaker
• Left or right side bracket mounting
• 3.5mm earpiece jack for optional earpiece accessories

For specifications and more, visit Beam’s website.