Alpha Micro Wireless - Roger ITAS


The Roger ITAS is the world’s smallest ready-to-use Iridium satellite transceiver launched by Alpha Micro Components. The Roger ITAS module enables equipment makers to cost-effectively add satellite connectivity to their designs quickly and with ease.

The Alpha Micro ITAS antenna solution is a ready-to-use Iridium Transceiver Antenna System (ITAS) transceiver that is competitively priced and can add satellite connectivity to new and existing designs with very little design effort.

Aimed at markets where remote asset monitoring is essential but challenging, the Roger ITAS enables equipment-makers to use satellite communications to replace or complement other wireless technologies. It can also enable remote connectivity where this isn’t currently possible or feasible.

Typical uses could include oil and gas, mining, maritime, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), fleet monitoring and other telematics applications, especially when transporting high value items across large expanse with limited cellular coverage.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Enables Remote Connectivity Where it Currently is Not Possible or Feasible
  • Ultra-compact All-in-one Transceiver: 96.8 x 71.8 x 20.0mm
  • Single Five-pin Connector: Power, Ground, Enable, Tx, Rx
  • Quick and Easy to Integrate: Typically Requires Only Minor Firmware Modifications on Host Device
  • No Regulatory Re-approval Required: Does Not Interfere or Alter Host Device Hardware Design
  • Simple AT Commands to Control Toggle Between Satellite and Cellular Connectivity.
  • RS232 Interface
  • Integrated Power Supply 9-36V
  • Operates Between –40°C and +85°C, and at 75% Relative Humidity
  • IP67 Rating
  • FCC, CECC, EMark & Iridium Approved


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