The AeroPhone+ with its two-way text messaging, automatic position reporting and voice communication keeps ground operation center, crew members, pilots and passengers in the cabin connected. The telecommunication system AeroPhone+ using the Iridium satellite communication network is a single-box, single or dual channel system providing voice and data communication, which is certified according to ETSO-2C514.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Enhanced Voice and Data Communication
  • Increased Security Through Encryption
  • ETSO-2C514 Approval
  • Worldwide Communication Covering Remote Areas, e.g. Polar and Oceanic Regions
  • Single and Dual-channel Voice and Data Communication
  • Short-Burst-Data Service (SBD)
  • Direct Web Link from Aircraft to Operator’s Host
  • Dual ARINC 739 Interfaces to Cockpit MCDU
  • Tracking option with Integrated GPS or Position Data via RS232 (NMEA)
  • Bluetooth and WLAN Interfaces
  • Low System Installation and Operation Cost (Connection fees) for Fixed-wing Aircraft and Helicopters