A fast growing market,transforming like no other

With a one world, no compromise communications model, Iridium M2M leverages the power of the world’s furthest reaching network to extend the high value of intelligent data beyond the barriers of terrestrial networks.

Global businesses need access to global data. With machine-to-machine technology enabling millions of intelligent data conversations, organizations can track, monitor and manage:

  • Global assets
  • Just-in-time inventories
  • Enterprise fleets
  • Energy grids
  • Remote infrastructure
  • Emergency operations
  • Personnel deployments
  • Natural processes
  • And more, like never before

Using Iridium’s industry leading core technology, dedicated support, and an ecosystem of partners in virtually every market, Iridium M2M solutions allow organizations to:

  • Dramatically extend their reach
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Optimize operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Protect critical assets, and
  • Generate new revenue

With Iridium M2M, the possibilities are truly endless.

Global Opportunity

The Iridium satellite network offers truly global M2M service with the lowest latency in the industry — extending the value of intelligent data far beyond the 10% of the Earth serviced by terrestrial networks.

Reliable connectivity

The Iridium global satellite constellation operates at full capacity even in circumstances when terrestrial networks may run into challenges, such as conflicts, natural disasters, challenging locations or prohibitive infrastructure costs.

Adaptable and cost-effective

Iridium core technologies are designed for ease of integration, are cost-effective, have a small footprint, and enable access to reliable, critical data connectivity anywhere on the planet.

Driving M2M innovation

With over 240 partners leveraging Iridium’s core technology to innovate and advance data conversation, Iridium M2M is the catalyst for cutting-edge solutions across a wide range of markets.


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