Aztech Associates Inc.

Aztech develops and manufactures custom electronic products to service a wide array of applications. Our Engineers work with your unique ideas to produce a physical product that you can proudly bring to market. Our extensive experience allows Aztech to quickly produce product prototypes and work with you through testing to achieve a final design. With vast experience in manufacturing high-tech products, we have the resources to build your product for you. Manufacturing with Aztech allows a seamless response to component obsolescence, shortage, or product design changes. Aztech’s commitment continues through the product life cycle, providing product warranty, repairs, and redesign support. Contact Aztech today with your product concept and see how we can help.

Aztech specializes in services for custom product development, remote data acquisition, and manufacturing, including custom engineering, asset management and energy management.



Aztech Associates Inc.

805 Bayridge Drive

Kingston, Ontario, K7P 1T5