Iridium partner Blackline GPS has announced its new Loner Bridge System, a solution that improves safety for remote and lone workers, and can significantly improve emergency response times when employees need help. This solution is intended to work everywhere remote and lone workers do – indoors, outdoors, within and beyond cellular networks. Iridium’s global network adds connectivity complementary to cellular, enabling Blackline GPS customers to use this device anywhere – from urban environments to the middle of remote deserts.

A two-part system, the solution consists of the Loner Bridge and the Loner 900. The Loner Bridge is a portable base station that communicates with multiple worker-worn Loner 900 safety devices through a 900 MHz radio link. The device provides dual-mode satellite and cellular backhaul communications to Blackline’s cellular infrastructure and seamlessly moves to the Iridium satellite network when out of cellular range. The bridge can be mounted on an ATV, truck or a fixed location.

The Loner 900 is a device worn by the worker to monitor his ongoing safety and was designed specifically for use in remote locations. When a safety incident occurs, Loner 900 communicates the alert information plus the worker’s exact location via Iridium’s satellite network (when out of cellular range), to Blackline’s monitoring personnel for a quick response. Pairing cellular coverage with Iridium’s truly global pole-to-pole network, the Loner 900 System provides universal coverage throughout the world.

Blackline GPS chose the Iridium satellite network for this solution due to Iridium’s ability to provide a critical communications lifeline to people in the most remote of locations. Lone workers often find themselves in rough terrain, far beyond terrestrial networks – deep in a forestry location, in rugged mountainous terrain, or out in an oil field – and only Iridium’s unique LEO constellation of 66 cross-linked satellites can provide reliable coverage in areas as remote as these.

Worker safety is a key issue for many companies, and we’re proud to provide a reliable communications network that helps track and monitor the location and safety of workers around the globe. Through partnerships like this, we’re able to continue providing connectivity to people everywhere.