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Bringing Together the Global Community to Tackle Space Debris

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If you caught the Academy Awards telecast, chances are you’re familiar with best picture nominee “Gravity,” a space thriller starring Hollywood-heavyweights Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

In addition to being a critical and commercial success, the popularity of the blockbuster has also succeeded in shedding a much-needed light on an important space safety issue-space debris. The scientific and satellite community has been abuzz since the release of the film, discussing the real threat many satellite  and space operators face due to space junk.

In a Huffington Post column, Iridium CEO Matt Desch adds a unique perspective to the discussion and shares the steps the company is taking as a satellite provider to ensure the safety of all orbiting objects. While Iridium utilizes the Space Catalog to track space debris and employs enhanced technology to mitigate collision threats, it’s becoming increasingly important for the space community to come together in developing standards and enacting best practices to prevent future collisions and space debris formation.

You can read Matt’s entire column here to learn more about how satellite operators are navigating space junk and working towards creating a safer future.

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