2013 was another great year for Iridium, especially in preparation for the big things to come in 2014! As we begin to look ahead, we are reflecting on some of the most significant moments and accomplishments of the past year.


5. Iridium M2M wins big in heavy industry

May 2013: we closed a large, multi-year agreement with Caterpillar, the world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturer, for satellite M2M services.

July 2013: we signed a multi-year partner agreement with CalAmp, a leading provider of wireless products, services and solutions. CalAmp’s Vanguard mobile wireless broadband routers and LMU-4520 rugged fleet management devices will utilize the Iridium Core 9523 transceiver and Iridium 9602 modem, allowing companies in the heavy equipment, agriculture, forestry, mining and construction industries to have greater communications access across the globe.


4. Aireon continued to take flight with new investors

December 2013: three major European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) announced a $120 million investment in the company: ENAV (Italy), the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), and Naviair (Denmark). With this agreement, combined with the previously announced $150 million commitment from NAV CANADA, Aireon is well positioned to build and launch the world’s first space-based global air traffic surveillance system, extending Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) coverage and benefits to every flight path across the planet.

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3. Critical Design Review complete for Iridium NEXT

October 2013: we successfully completed a Critical Design Review (CDR) of the Iridium NEXT satellite network system, demonstrating that its design is valid and on schedule for first launch in early 2015. The review represented an important transition from the network design to the fabrication and testing phase of Iridium’s next-generation constellation.

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2. Iridium renews airtime contract with DISA

October 2013: we were awarded a $400 million, multi-year, fixed-price contract with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to provide satellite airtime services to meet the communications needs of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and their federal partners.

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1. Iridium revolutionizes its hosted payloads offerings

April 2013: We signed an agreement with Harris to enable the use of expanded hosted payload space on the Iridium NEXT platform. The agreement provides for “hosting fees” for Iridium NEXT resources that will be utilized when launched into orbit on Iridium’s new satellites, further extending the ongoing partnership between the two companies. It realizes a once-in-a-generation opportunity to share our unique network with other customers and applications while we renew and expand our communications services for the future.

September 2013: We announced the first turnkey hosted payload solution, Iridium PRIME, to host third-party payloads on stand-alone satellites leveraging the global connectivity afforded by the Iridium NEXT satellite network. To be developed in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, the low-cost Iridium PRIME satellite will be dedicated to hosting one or more payloads.

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Honorable Mention:
Our staff participated in its first flash mob at the 2013 Iridium Partner Conference

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