Iridium recently announced that it has joined the International M2M Council (IMC). Established earlier this year, the IMC promotes the business benefits of machine-to-machine communications.

“Iridium sees great value in joining together with other industry leaders to increase awareness of the business case for M2M,” says David Wigglesworth, company VP of M2M services. “As an industry we’ve only just scratched the surface of potential economic benefits that M2M can provide, and we think that by promoting the value of M2M to business owners we can broaden the overall market by communicating the benefits in a manner that resonates with business owners.”

The IMC brings providers and users of machine-to-machine communications to a single membership organization.

Iridium joins Wyless, AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Digi International, Kore Telematics, Oracle Corporation, and Telit Wireless Solutions.

Machines are talking amongst themselves

Across a wealth of industries – fleet and vehicle tracking, heavy equipment, oil and gas, aviation, home security and mobile healthcare, to name a few – there are businesses that are completely dependent on machine-to-machine communications.

Today, machines interact with almost no human input. And the importance of M2M communications is such that it’s become an industry of its own.

The IMC was formed to promote this industry in four key areas:

  • Awareness – Making M2M’s powerful capabilities highly visible to potential users.
  • Metrics – As a place for companies to share benchmarks, case studies and develop best-practice standards.
  • Policy – To ensure all M2M providers and adapters share a common view of objectives.
  • Training and education – To help educate engineers and marketers. And to encourage movement between M2M industry sectors.

What will Iridium bring to the IMC?

Over 240 partners leverage Iridium’s core technology – and the impact on the M2M sector has been enormous.

With pole-to-pole coverage, near real-time data deliveries and a network that can remain fully operational during natural disasters, Iridium has a unique position in the M2M market.

Cellular networks actually only cover about 10% of the Earth’s surface. Satellite connectivity, meanwhile, has enabled businesses to utilize M2M technologies in some of the most remote places on Earth.

Iridium will help the IMC develop a library of M2M content with its own unique and in-depth user case studies. Iridium partners interested in contributing a case study should contact David Wigglesworth.