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Why Panama?

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This year Iridium is excited to be hosting its annual Partner Conference in Panama City, Panama. As a major hub for the global economy, Panama, much like Iridium, plays an important role in connecting goods, assets and people. Latin America is a high growth market for Iridium and its partners. No country is better situated to connect the Americas than Panama, and no company is better situated to connect the globe than Iridium.

Here’s a snapshot of why we chose Panama as this year’s destination:

  • Investing in Tomorrow: Significant investments are being made in the Panama Canal and the country’s education, health and infrastructure. In fact, the gross domestic product of the nation of Panama is greatly dependent upon the revenue of the Panama Canal tolls. Panama’s current $5.8 billion expansion of the Panama Canal is almost as ambitious as Iridium NEXT.
  • Catalyst for Growth: With its 48-mile canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, modern capital city of high rises, smart banks, and two of the busiest ports in Latin America, Panama is a hub for commerce, finance and the movement of goods making it the fastest growing economy in Central America. Panama’s Tocumen airport is the largest airport in Central America by passenger traffic, connecting the Americas with the rest of the world – just like Iridium connects everyone, everywhere.
  • Diverse Landscapes: With a terrain ranging from forest, to jungle, to grassland, Panama is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life including animals such as jaguars, sloths, and armadillos. Tourists with a flair for adventure and an Iridium phone in hand visit Panama’s remote jungles, rainforests and coastlines.
  • Style: Panama is the only country in the world with a hat named after it. Originating in Ecuador, the Panama hat is a traditional brimmed hat that is made from the plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant.
  • Latin Flair: Time to start brushing up on your Spanish, the official language of Panama and the Latin market – an important and growing market for Iridium. Cultural diversity abounds in this unique country that is filled with rich history and traditions.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our partners next week in Panama for a great kick-off to 2013. For those attending, please follow us on Twitter (@IridiumComms) for conference updates!

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