This week Iridium was the proud recipient of the ITU Humanitarian Award for its work with the ITU-Development Sector on Emergency Communications.

Donna Bethea-Murphy, Iridium’s Vice President, Regulatory Engineering, attended the celebration in Dubai to accept the award on the company’s behalf during the session, “Savings Lives with ICT.” Secretary General, Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré presented Donna with the award on October 15.

The session focused on the catastrophic effects natural disasters can have not only on those directly affected but also the world economy. For instance, a brief on the event website about the session cited that the floods in Thailand cost the global economy at least $380 billion.

“It’s about saving lives,” said Dr Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General of ITU. “The work we are doing is a tremendous contribution.”

Disasters can happen in any part of the world however ITU cites the world has seen more and more natural catastrophes in recent years due to climate change and extreme weather.

Iridium continues to push for education on emergency communications so that first responders, emergency workers, government agencies and anyone else who might be in a life-threatening situation is prepared with the right tools and information. The ability to connect to the Iridium® satellite constellation in the most critical situations is one element that can help ensure better readiness should a disaster strike.

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