The Greenheart organization is working to develop the world’s first sail-solar ship that is specially designed for use by communities in developing countries.

This small, ocean going merchant ship has the potential to provide access to the world’s trade system for communities on remote coast-line locations. The ship produces no emissions, is pollution free and designed to be an ocean-going hybrid that uses a combination of traditional sail and solar power. These features are what make it ideal for developing countries. The boat is shallow enough to land on the beach, for areas that do not have ports, and lifts the burden of fuel costs to increase competitiveness and provide access to trade.


We are excited to partner with Iridium, a company known for breaking down communication barriers around the world. By utilizing the power of the Iridium® global satellite communications network, we are hoping to set sail on our maiden voyage around the world next year.

Our hope is that hundreds of these vessels will be owned and operated by the people and communities they serve, but first we need your help. Greenheart is working to make the ship a reality through a grass-roots effort and offering the public an opportunity to participate in the maiden voyage.

Our success is dependent on support from the community and companies like Iridium. To learn more please visit:

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