On December 6, polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and a team of expedition members will set out from London to begin a six month journey across the Antarctic to the Ross Sea. They are the first team to venture through the region in the dead of winter and their route, which is the coldest on earth, will reach temperatures as low as -90°C. The team will cross through the Russian base of Novolazareskaya via the South Pole to McMurdo Sound. During this voyage, the explorers will be completely self-sufficient – as aircraft cannot reach inland in the region during the winter months – and they will travel in near darkness with the Iridium Extreme® as their only connection.

In addition to gathering unique scientific data on marine life, oceanography and meteorology, the team is also attempting to raise $10 million for the charity Seeing is Believing, an organization that fights avoidable blindness.

To track the explorer’s progress throughout their journey, visit www.thecoldestjourney.org.

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