Iridium just announced that OOO Iridium Communications (“Iridium Russia”) has received authorization from Russian authorities to provide commercial services in the country. As the Director General of Iridium Russia, I am excited to bring this news to the Iridium360 community.

Partnering with Geyser-Telecom, a famous player in the Russian telecommunications community in Russia, Iridium Russia will provide 100 percent access to coverage throughout the country for both voice and data communications.

As you may know, in 2009 Iridium formed Iridium Russia to conduct business in the country due to strong regional interest in its innovative voice and data communications capabilities. This announcement is the latest development in the company’s multi-year investment and commitment to the Russian market.

With its vast territories where traditional communications simply don’t work, Russia will be a strategic growth area for in-region and international service providers. Our partners will be able to deliver Iridium products and services to Russian businesses in general, including key growth industries like transportation and energy-related services which are continue to show strong demand for connectivity throughout the region.

Iridium Russia and partners are expected to capture at least 40 percent of the mobile satellite services market in Russia by 2015, which could be a $70-100 million market by then.  The Iridium® network is uniquely suited to serve the Russian market with our unique ability to provide 100 percent global coverage for organizations, businesses and individuals for voice, data, tracking or other critical connectivity. 

Iridium services will allow our operations to remain connected during critical search and rescue missions throughout the whole territory of Russia, including its exclusive economic zone and the Arctic.  Iridium’s authorization to offer these services throughout the Russian Federation is good news for Iridium and its partners, for people and organizations with connectivity needs, and for my country.

Iridium Russia is expected to launch service in 2012 once all technical licensing requirements are complete.

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