As a catalyst for innovation, Iridium helps partners develop products and offer services never thought possible.

Last month, we announced that we granted Beam Communications first approval for an Iridium Extreme® docking station. This month, Beam announced it received a commitment from Telstra to purchase a minimum of US$5.1 M of these docking stations and product bundles over the next 12 months.

Telstra and Beam are working together to address the needs of customers in mining, transport, emergency services, relief aid, and recreational (maritime and four-wheel drive) sectors.

Beam docking solutions extend the functionality of Iridium Extreme satellite phones so they can be used for voice, data and tracking services indoors, in-vehicles, on vessels and in other remote locations where easy or enhanced access to satellite communications is required.

For more information about Beam docking stations, please click here.