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Iridium 9555 Unlocks Last Degree Badge with Christophe Vandaele in North Pole

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When we say Iridium enables connections anywhere in the world, we really mean it. Recently, Yahoo! reported that Christophe Vandaele became the second person in history (the first was arctic adventurer, Parker Liautaud) to unlock foursquare’s “Last Degree Badge” which is awarded to users who check in at the North Pole.

According to the article, “Christophe Vandaele used his Iridium 9555 satellite phone connected, by cable, to an HP PDA device. The device contains a piece of software called Contact 5 which will allow Vandaele to connect to foursquare at the bare minimum level, sufficient enough to “check in.”

Mashable reported in 2010 that foursquare created the badge to draw attention to environmental issues.

If you’re interested in following Christophe’s adventure, please visit http://christophevandaele.com/.

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