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To Iridium Partners: Thanks for the Spectacular Year

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This week, we announced Iridium’s quarterly earnings results and I wanted to take the opportunity to update the community and thank our partners for their support.

We’re proud that we’re not like any other satellite operator – or terrestrial operator either for that matter: we do some very important things in completely different ways than others, and this continues to be the foundation for our success in 2011 and moving forward.

As you can see from our results, we’re growing across the board – from voice, to SBD/M2M, to OpenPort, and to Netted.  We’ve seen growth across every vertical – from maritime, to aviation, to governments, land, and asset tracking.  Our growth in 2011 was pretty spectacular, and we’ve provided guidance that we expect to continue this growth into 2012 and beyond.

Of course, we couldn’t do this without the help of our partners who are growing as well. Here are just a few examples that have been in the news lately about Iridium-based partner projects:

  • Quake Global: Iridium technology is being integrated into small, low-cost commercial “chipsets” for M2M applications and personal communications devices. Quake Global recently launched a “first-of-its-kind” solution, the Q4000 which is the first integrated, dual mode Iridium/GSM product of its kind.
  • KVH and Vizada: We’ve combined truly global coverage and even faster data speeds through our partners’ VSAT platforms using Iridium Pilot.
  • BriarTek and DeLorme: Both of these companies’ two-way personal communication devices use the Iridium network to provide vital services to their clients. BriarTek specializes in “man-down” systems for the maritime market and has a strong history working with both commercial and government customers on personnel tracking solutions. DeLorme’s inReach – which was recently awarded the NMMA’s Innovation Award – uses the Iridium network to offer customers a suite of services such as two-way SOS and personal text messaging, delivery confirmation and “follow me” remote GPS tracking anywhere in the world.
  • Iridium NEXT: A team of about 30 companies have come together under Thales Alenia Space to create this bold vision for a second-generation satellite constellation. Iridium NEXT is also offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to place secondary sensor payloads on the world’s largest commercial satellite constellation – creating new business opportunities for the customer and Iridium.

There are many important new products and services we are working on with other partners that we’ve not yet been approved to talk about.  We’re excited about the potential of so many of these new services and applications that are being created on Iridium.

I want to thank each and every one of our partners for helping us make this happen and for making Iridium what it is today.

For more information and to listen to the latest earnings call, please click here.

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