Skybitz GLS9602 Modem

Iridium has partnered with SkyBitz to develop a custom short burst data (SBD) modem that works everywhere on the planet. The new SkyBitz GLS9602 modem is based on the SkyBitz patented Global Locating System (GLS) technology in combination with the Iridium® 9602 SBD transceiver.

The SkyBitz GLS9602 modem is designed for integration into complete wireless solutions, providing the critical data communications necessary for asset tracking in remote locations, and creating numerous application possibilities for developers and original equipment manufacturers.

Using the combination of Iridium’s global connectivity and SkyBitz’s ultra power-efficient GLS technology, authorized SkyBitz partners can create data communications solutions used for asset tracking and management in a variety of industries, including trucking, oil & gas, construction and government.

Get the details on the SkyBitz GLS9602 modem here.

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