When we say furthest reaching, we really mean it! Last year, using an Iridium satellite phone, renowned arctic explorer Eric Larsen became the first person to Tweet from the North Pole. As part of his expedition, Save the Poles, Eric mounted major expeditions to the North and South Poles and an expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest. He is the only person to have completed this trio in one year and is the only American in history to have been to all three ‘poles’. Below is that history-making first Tweet:


Eric LarsenELexplore Eric Larsen

Day 51. Standing on top of the world. Getting to the North Pole is the same as stopping Global Warming. Begin with one step.

23 April 10 via web

And now another explorer, Felicity Aston of England, has been regularly sending Tweets using an Iridium Extreme handset while currently on a 1,700km, 70-day ski across Antarctica. Felicity’s Kaspersky One Transantarctic Expedition makes her the first woman in the world to cross Antarctica alone.

 felicity_aston felicity_aston felicity_aston

Just given an interview via Iridium phone to NPR in the states live from my sleeping bag!

14 Dec


Iridium is the only communications network that provides coverage in the Polar Regions and we are proud to be a vital communications link for these pioneering adventurers.

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