Over the course of the next few months, most of us will barely be able to visit favorite Internet news sites without receiving reports on all the seasonal must have lists from the fashion and automobile worlds, not to mention the lists of must have toys and electronic gadgets for the upcoming holiday season. So while we’re on the subject, satellites have also made it onto an important must have list as well.

According to the Space Watch newsletter, participants in a Space Foundation survey have said loud and clear that they cannot live without satellites and the benefits they provide for navigation, communications, weather forecasting and logistics. The survey asked two questions about the impact of space:

  • Which space-based invention has the biggest impact on society?
  • What space invention could you not live without?

In both cases, roughly half the respondents cited various uses of satellites:

  • 24% felt that GPS has had the most impact on our lives, and 29% said they couldn’t live without it
  • Another 22% said that satellites – especially communications satellites – have the most impact and the same percentage said they couldn’t live without them

Pretty impressive.

Find out what other space-based life-changing technologies made the “must have” list.