Welcome to Iridium 360, our new interactive newsletter that is intended to bring together all things related to the world we live in at Iridium. If you’re not familiar with Iridium, we’re the world’s furthest reaching network – literally. And we can prove this because our voice and data network enable people and things to connect in ways you’ve never imagined possible. A phone call from the North Pole? No problem. Instant Blackberry connectivity from a plane? Piece of cake. Need to track a shipment’s location while also ensuring it’s the right temperature?  Done. Through our ecosystem of more than 250 partners who are constantly innovating and advancing the way we communicate information, data or make a phone call, we’re enabling these things and more. The world is literally becoming Iridium Connected.

Iridium 360 will share details about new innovations, viewpoints and perspectives from industry experts, and introduce you to members of our Iridium family. Travel the world with us as we discover that next era of communication leadership.