Satellite Phone Report

Due to the importance of satellite communications to first responders and other users, Iridium commissioned Frost & Sullivan to evaluate the performance of both the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro and the Iridium 9555. This exhaustive study examines the differences between these satellite phone devices and services, and details the findings in a report published September 21, 2010.

The intent of this research is to aid those end users and decision makers responsible for purchasing, deploying, or using personal satellite communications devices. Individuals and organizations routinely require global, 24x7 access to communications even when a wireless network or a wireline phone isn't available. These users include emergency first responders, maritime users, remote oil and gas workers, disaster recovery personnel, military and government agents, and countless others.

"Frost & Sullivan recommends that heavy users of satellite phones, and first responders who rely on satellite phones for emergency communications, select the Iridium phone and service," advises James Brehm, Frost & Sullivan senior consultant and project leader. "We believe that Iridium is a proven and reliable service that works well in all locations and, therefore, justifies the added premium for the hardware and service."

Read the comparison report here. You can also read highlights in the full press release.