For the casual user to the extreme adventurer. From the first responder to the one in harm’s way. For those tracking under pressure to those moving in on opportunity.

People everywhere are moving beyond the reach of traditional networks, and they expect their connected experience to travel with them. Our ongoing innovation in real mobile, real global communication is helping make more of these connections that matter – across the entire planet, in ways never thought possible.

Iridium Force® is our unique vision for using the power of the world’s furthest reaching network to bring extended and enhanced personal communications to people and organizations, everywhere.

  • Beyond satellite phones: Giving people the ability to use their smartphones and favorite applications far beyond the reach of terrestrial networks.

  • Simplifying connections: Investing in making our technology accessible and cost- effective to embed across an ever-widening range of current and future services.

  • Driving innovation: Opening and licensing our technology to collaborate with an expanding set of innovators, creating new solutions for a wide range of markets.

  • Location-aware: Integrating GPS location services with products to enable personal security and location-specific applications on the go.

  • Uncompromising performance: Delivering tough, reliable “truly mobile” devices that work anywhere on the planet.

Together, these elements comprise the bold vision of Iridium Force®.