Letterhead, Stationary & Fax Templates

Each office has its own suite of Electronic Stationary, which includes Electronic Letterhead, Stationary and Fax Coversheet templates.

Installing Iridium Letterhead, Stationary and Fax Coversheet Templates

  1. Select “Save As” to save zip files to your computer.
  2. Extract files from zip folder.
  3. Right-click on individual template (*.dot file) and select “Open” (This will enable you to open the source file, in order to save the Template to your computer).
  4. Once open, select “Save As” – “Word Template”.
  5. Click on “Trusted Templates” in the left hand navigation of the dialogue box. Depending on your computer’s systems, this step may not be available and can be skipped.
  6. Select “Save”.
  7. Your template is now available for use.
  8. Repeat for other templates.

 Using your Iridium Templates

  1. In Microsoft word, select “New”.
  2. Select “My Templates” or “Personal” from the navigation bar.
  3. Select the template you wish to use and select “Ok”.

Tip:  Once you use the templates in this fashion, you will notice that they also show up under the “Recently Used” selection in the “New” dialogue box.